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May 282010

Agni means fire and “sara” means ‘essence’, kriya means ‘action’. It is a cleansing practice in which internal fire is stoked. It helps to heat up the body from within in order to stimulate digestion and detoxify the bodily systems.

(Video Courtesy: tiktam)

Process of Agnisara Kriya by Swami Ramdev ji

1. Sit in a comfortable pose of Padmasana or Siddhasana.
2. Now take a deep breath then exhale out completely i.e. empty lungs.
3. Hold your breath, contract and expand stomach fully repeatedly.
4. Do it as many times as possible for you initially.
5. Now take deep and slow breath inside to come out of it.


Do it for the time as possible for you initially, can be extended after few days practice when you have good practice.


  • Wonderful remedies for a sluggish liver and kidneys.
  • Relieves several gastro-intestinal complaints like excessive gas,hyperacidity, and indigestion etc.
  • Cures diabetes.
  • Strengthens liver, pancreas and spleen.


  • Keep the spine erect while doing this asana.
  • Practice it on empty stomach.
  • Avoid it in case there is swelling in intestines.