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Oct 192010
Benefits Of Reading Spiritual Books

Reading has always been the favorite hobby of many. It is true that books are our best friends for they love us unconditionally. As far as learning is concerned, there is nothing better than reading that can help us do that. Hence, it is reading which influences many and not the television. Spiritual writers have [...]

May 282010

Agni means fire and “sara” means ‘essence’, kriya means ‘action’. It is a cleansing practice in which internal fire is stoked. It helps to heat up the body from within in order to stimulate digestion and detoxify the bodily systems. (Video Courtesy: tiktam) Process of Agnisara Kriya by Swami Ramdev ji 1. Sit in a [...]

May 282010
Vrschikasana | Scorpion Pose

Vrschik in Sanskrit means scorpion and this asana resembles a scorpion ready to strike its victim by arching its tail above its back. The person should make an attempt to feel comfortable in holding headstand posture and handstand pose before doing the scorpion pose. Process 1. While sitting on ground  place both hands on ground [...]

May 282010
Vrikshasana | Tree pose

Vriksh means a tree and this pose resembles a tree and is known as the tree pose. It helps to strengthen the back, calves, thighs and ankles. Flexibility of groin and hips area get increased. Balance and concentration is improved. Process 1. Begin with Tadasana. 2. Place the both hand on ground while standing up, [...]

May 282010
Padahastasana | Standing Forward Bend

Pada means ‘foot’ and hasta means hands in Sanskrit. Pada hasta means from hand to foot. This asana is also included in surya namaskar sequence that is at third and tenth pose. It is good for muscles and skeletal system. Process 1. Stand in Tadasana,  exhale and bend downward from the waist. 2. Keep your [...]

May 282010
Utthanpadasana | Raised Legs Pose

Uttan means raised and pada means feet in Sanskrit. It is also known as raised legs pose. Procedure 1. Lie down with legs together, keep hands by the side of body and palms facing floor. 2. Now raise both legs to 30 degrees, while breathing in, do not jerk while lifting legs. 3. Hold your [...]

May 282010
Sirsasana | Headstand Pose

Sirsa in Sanskrit means head and this asana cures all diseases. This is one of the tough asanas. Process 1. Start with a folded blanket to put the head and forearms on it 2. Kneel on the ground and put the fingers together, keep the forearms on the ground. 3. Place the blanket between the [...]

May 282010
Shalabhasana | Locust Pose

Shalabhasana in Sanskrit means ‘locust’. This posture resembles a locust. Process-1 1. Keeping face downwards lie flat on abdomen and chest. 2. Place hands under each thigh 3. Now breathing in lift the right leg up, do not bend the knee. 4. Repeat this from other leg. 5. Repeat it two to four times. Process-2 [...]

May 282010
Paschimottanasana | Back Stretching Pose

Pashima means ‘west’ and uttana means ‘intense stretch’. This posture looks very simple but is actually the most difficult to do. Learn this posture under the supervision of some expert yogi. Process 1. Sit on a mat with legs stretched straight out in front of you. 2. Hold the thumbs of both legs with thumb [...]

May 282010
Naukasana | Boat Pose

Nauka means ‘boat’ in Sanskrit language. It is a posture which resembles a boat. It is also known as boat posture to treat many ailments. The reverse naukasana is also very important to cure ailments. Procedure 1. Lie straight on back, resting on the floor. 2. Place the feet together and keep the arms on [...]